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About Us

NELA Rehab is a place where you can LEARN TO LIVE BEYOND YOUR CURRENT BOUNDS! We were established to provide evidenced based physical therapy, occupational therapy, and wellness services to the residents of Northeast Louisiana, so that our neighbors can achieve fulfilling lives without limitations. You can be certain that you will receive personal care when you opt for NELA Rehab as your facility of choice. We will never hurry you and you will receive the undivided attention of our therapist. We believe in one-on-one care utilizing the most innovative techniques available. Here at NELA Rehab, we are dedicated to providing a positive, supportive atmosphere to help our patients achieve their maximum potential regarding their physical health and overall well being. With our local heritage, we strive to treat all NELA Rehab patients like we would our very own family and not just another number. NELA Rehab is guided by integrity, compassion, and consistency, with a firm belief that possibilities are endless.

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One-on-one care with your therapist

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Pediatric Program

We provide individualized occupational & physical therapy services that aim to unlock your child’s hidden potential, overcome developmental delays, improve functional performance, and achieve independence. Because each child is unique, our staff uses a variety of treatment techniques that are specifically tailored to meet the individual needs of your child.

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Pre-Op and Post-Op Care

Here at NELA Rehab, we treat patients both before and after orthopedic surgeries such as hip and knee replacements. The purpose of pre- and postoperative therapy is to provide a swift recovery utilizing the best possible treatment exercises and techniques. Our therapists maintain close communication with your physician in order to fully understand the scope of your needs and provide the best care possible.

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Sports Program

When a sports injury leaves you on the sidelines, trust us to get your back in the game. Our highly trained physical and occupational therapists work closely with referring physicians to address sports-related injuries. We will develop customized treatment plans to help quickly reduce symptoms and effectively regain strength and flexibility so that our patients can get back in the game of life and safely return to sport.

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