Sarah Smeltzer, COTA

Sarah Smeltzer

Sarah Smeltzer, COTA is an Occupational Therapy Assistant and a local from Union parish. She received her training and graduated from South Arkansas Community College. Currently, Sarah is working towards her masters degree in Occupational Therapy at ULM. She specializes in Pediatric and Orthopedic populations. During the summer months, Sarah manages and runs our handwriting camp, where she utilizes fun and playful activities to make learning about handwriting fun. he is dedicated to providing the best care to her patients and continuing her education.


  • Occupational Therapy Assistant – Associate of Applied Science Degree

Continuing Education:

  • Linking Play to Function…Utilizing Neurodevelopmental and Sensory Integration Strategies to Facilitate Functional Skills Through Play
  • Go Baby Go! – Adapting Power Cars for Functional Mobility in Children
  • Filling Your Toolbox with Techniques: Treating Children with ADHD
  • Adapting Toys To Engage Children In The Meaningful Occupation Of Play
  • Finger and Hand Fun for School Based Therapists
  • Post-Operavtive Managment of Selected Shoulder Conditions
  • Treating The Shoulder Complex
  • Shoulder Rehabitation
  • Management of Adhesive Capsulitis
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